Karine Grenier

Favourite Ice Age Animal: Arctic ground squirrel

Karine is originally from Shawinigan, Québec, but has been living in Yukon for 6 years.

Karine graduated in tourism development and oriented her career toward ecotourism and natural science. She is a part-time student at Yukon College in the Northern Studies program and, beyond her work at the Beringia Centre, she does archaeological fieldwork.

When asked what she does for fun, Karine laughs, “Everything is fun! I like to visit different remote Yukon locations by running my dog team in the winter and going on canoe expeditions in the summer.”

She is very passionate about Beringian archaeology. The Beringia land bridge is like a gigantic library/natural resource of information about the last Ice Age and the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre is a good place to learn about it!

Please contact Karine if you have any questions about the centre’s interpretive programs or if you would like to book a tour.