Sep 24

– Keep Warm

Fire is critical to human survival in the north, so what do you do if you find yourself out in the bush on a cold night without matches.   *Kim Pasche, an international expert on prehistoric living skills, will be at Beringia Centre on September 24 to conduct two 1.5 hour workshops on Fire and Shelter.  This is a rare opportunity to learn valuable survival skills   …and gain a greater appreciation for our prehistoric ancestors!  Come prepared to be outside. 

For ages 8 to 108 –kids must be accompanied by an adult      

* Kim Pasche is an experiential archaeologist, trapper and stone-age technologist. For years, he has tried to change western views about their hunter-gatherer roots. He believes that clues to overcoming many of our world’s present challenges can be found in our distant past.  Kim lives with his family between the Yukon and Europe.