Jan 28

The Science of Sinkholes

Sunday, January 28 –1 pm and 3pm  The Science of Sinkholes 

There are many features on the land around us that have helped scientists learn more about Ice Age mammals. For example, did you know that the remains of ancient animals and plants have been found preserved in features such as sinkholes, tar pits, quicksand, and bogs? These features are not as common in Yukon as they are in other parts of North America. You may have heard about sinkholes swallowing roads and cars, but have you heard about them swallowing a mammoth, a camel, or a short-faced bear? A sinkhole at the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota has preserved the greatest concentration of mammoth remains in the world!

To teach you more about the dangers that sinkholes posed to Pleistocene animals, Danielle, our resident interpretive guide/mad scientist, will be ready to help you try make your own sinkhole! She will be constructing sinkholes at 1pm and again at 3pm on Sunday.

Remember to wear clothing you don’t mind getting a bit mucky! This activity is fun for all ages - if you like to learn something new, have fun, and get a bit dirty.