Jan 07

White Tuft, the Little Beaver

Sunday, January 7  White Tuft, the Little Beaver @ 12:30 pm/La Riviere aux castors @ 2:30 pm

It’s the New Year, and maybe you have made a resolution to get off the couch and do something significant.  Whether it be to shed a few pounds or change the world, this is the year to accomplish great things. As such, we are bringing in one of the most profound sources of inspiration the Beringia screen has ever seen –a real earth-mover! 

While our motivational “speaker” may seem a bit slick, with greased back hair, and charming buck-toothed grin, this prolific engineer, has not only created structures so immense they can be seen from space, she has single-handedly transformed entire communities. We are speaking, of course, of that great Canadian icon …the beaver. 

There is no denying the beavers’ reputation for changing ecosystems around them, so come see White Tuft, The Little Beaver, and start the year off right …with a splash! (Regular admission applies). 


White Tuft, the Little Beaver (English showing) –12:30 pm

La Riviere aux castors (French showing) –2:30 pm