Favorite Ice Age Animal: Steppe Bison

Christie started as Beringia Centre manager in January 2016, bringing with her 13 years of experience as a professional archaeologist.  Actually, to be specific, Christie is a zooarchaeologist who specializes in late pre-contact bison anatomy, bison hunting, and bison interactions on the northern Plains.  Anyone noticing a theme here? 

Her favourite ice age animal is  … drum roll … you guessed it …steppe bison.  And, if you asked her, “why the steppe bison?”, she might counter with – “Duh, it’s because they are related to modern plains and wood bison, of course!”

“We get it Christie  --it’s ALL about bison.”

Her passion for science and public outreach has made her the perfect fit for Beringia Centre.  With Christie at the helm, the Centre has expanded its social media and programming outreach, experienced regular exhibit upgrades, and is simply ….a lot cleaner.  (She can spot a fingerprint on an interpretive panel from twenty paces –it’s one of her superpowers).   And since starting as manager, she has learned a lot about Beringia itself, even picking up stuff that has nothing …whatsoever …to do with bison.

Christie’s passion for archaeology is obvious to everyone around her, and she is excited to be part of the Beringia team!  

If you have any questions, please contact Christie.