Favourite Ice Age Animal: Aquatic giant sloths

Upon completion of her undergrad in northern Ontario, focused on archaeological animal remains and ancient DNA, Corin took many hitchhiking detours that led her up to Yukon and into her position as an interpretive guide at the Beringia Centre. With an almost obsessive interest in learning everything palaeo, Corin enjoys exploring the often over-looked sides of human culture, and figuring out how an extinct animal walks and eats.

When she isn’t talking about random Beringian facts (Hey did you know mammoths are right or left handed/tusked?!), she’s out on the land trying to puzzle together the ancient landscape and what it looked like, or trying to make friends with the local wild animal populations. On cold nights she can be found crafting with friends and sharing trivia about animals and history with those interested.

Please contact Corin if you have any questions about the centre’s interpretive programs or if you would like to book a tour.