Jodie has lived her entire life in northern Canada. She grew up on the traditional territory of the Taku River Tlingit in Atlin B.C., but moved to the Yukon 10 years ago. Living in small northern communities with true wilderness in her back yard, she developed a keen interest in natural history and ecology. It led to her present academic pursuits. Enrolled in Environmental Studies at Yukon University, she is taking her passion next level –environmental activism and possible career path. 

In all this, Jodie is humble about her roots, and acknowledges how lucky she is: “I am very grateful to live in the north where it is easy to access pristine wilderness and to be part of a community that is so active on the land.”

For Jodie, applying her current studies to ancient environments is a new and exciting challenge, after all, the same ecological principles operated during the Ice Age so it’s just a matter of extrapolation. There may have been more mammoths and massive meat-eaters back then, but it’s all the same dynamics. 

When it comes to Beringia, there is still a lot of mystery. It’s what makes it so tantalizing! New discoveries and ideas are constantly shedding more light on this amazing world. Jodie looks forward to sharing her insights with visitors to Beringia Centre.