Favorite Ice Age Animal: Arctic ground squirrel

Keshah was a born and raised Yukoner. Her first memory of the Beringia Centre was a tour she took in grade school. She doesn't remember much about that tour, not even the massive mammoth standing by the front desk, the only thing she remembers is the tiny Arctic Ground Squirrel, and how cool it was. This might explain why it is still her favourite! “They’re cute, but tough animals”, she says, “I mean, they survived the ice age and are still doing well today.  AANNDD They tell us so much about the past.”

While Keshah spent a lot of time in university studying math and marketing, her real love is learning.  It’s why she finds Beringia so fascinating. "I am always learning here ... whether it be about the newest ice-age discovery or another cool fact to share, there’s never a dull moment at Beringia Centre!"

Please contact Keshah if you have any questions, or just want to share some cool research or an interesting discovery!