Madison grew up in NWT but moved to Whitehorse recently. Fueled by a lifelong passion for nature, he has achieved a Renewable Resource Management diploma and an Environmental Sciences degree. When it comes to wilderness, Madison is like a little wide-eyed kid in a candy store. His genuine amazement at the beauty and intricacies of life is both contagious and captivating. In our modern world dominated by screens it is easy to become jaded, but Madison reminds us of something more important: our connections to the natural world. 

You can see Madison’s enthusiasm for nature when he talks about his favourite ice age animal, the arctic ground squirrel. He says: “The more I research it, the more interesting it becomes.” He is especially amazed at how ground squirrels can survive their core body temperature dropping below freezing for extended periods of time. He says that what really blows his mind is that these furry little rodents may help medical science come up with new ways to increase human-organ longevity. This has profound implications for transplant surgeries! 

If you want a refreshing take on biology, talk to Madison.