Feb 03

BCST - Documenting Mammoths, EcoZombies & Permafrost

Join us for a exclusive in-person Beringia Centre Science Talk with visiting researcher Tara Nicholson on Saturday February 3 at 1 pm. In her talk, Tara will delve into her documentation of Arctic science stations in Norway, Greenland, Russia and Canada. 

Tara's large-scale photographs of permafrost research, taken through a more-than-human lens, weave together scientific and cultural narratives to examine the effects of rapid warming. Not only a northern issue, permafrost melt has been described as a carbon bomb that will release massive stores of methane into a global feedback loop that will quicken rising tides, soil erosion and the loss of animal habitat. 

Tara's images look to combine art and storytelling to dismantle the often-siloed forms of scientific reporting to empower viewers through forms of witnessing to promote change through understanding and future-thinking.

This presentation is available in person only and is free of charge.