Mar 08

CANCELLED - Arctic Sports and Dene Games Demonstrations

UPDATE: While the Centre is still open from 12-5, unfortunately today’s special programming has been cancelled.



It’s Got Game month at Beringia Centre, and we got games like One-Foot High Kick, Two Foot High Kick, Kneel Jump, Alaskan High Kick, Head Pull, Stick Pull! Some of you may be asking: What are these anyway? Well, come to Beringia Centre this Sunday to find out. Just a caveat to all the couch potatoes and armchair athletes out there: these are extremely demanding sports that can be dangerous to perform without proper supervision and training - and it’s a good thing we've got those. Special guests from Yukon Aboriginal Sports Circle and Team Yukon will be here to demonstrate some Arctic Sports and Dene Games - Just in time to help you be ready to cheer on the athletes at the upcoming Arctic Winter Games!