Jun 16

Eco-Printing 101: Exploring Plant Pigments and Printing with Visiting Artist Tara Nicholson

Join us at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre on Sunday June 16, 2024 from 10 am to 1 pm for a fun and hands-on workshop with visiting artist Tara Nicholson! Dive into the world of plant pigments and printing with cyanotypes and anthotypes, a cool zero-carbon, plant-based printing technique making a comeback.

Please note the preregistration is required (link below).

Workshop Highlights 

Introduction to Cyanotypes and Anthotypes: Learn about these sustainable, plant-based printing methods and their historical significance. 
Creating Plant Pigments: Make your own pigments from plants, veggies, and flowers to coat and sensitize different materials for anthotype exposures. 
Demo Exposures: Practice making low-carbon cyanotype prints and test anthotype prints. While we can't do full anthotype exposures (they take hours or days), you'll create demo exposures and take home sensitized papers and plant-based inks to continue your projects. 
Eco-Photography Discussions: Engage in discussions on eco-photography methods and the environmental benefits of sustainable alternatives like anthotypes. 

What to Bring 

Materials Provided: All necessary printing materials will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own plants and botanical matter for experimentation. 
Personal Items: Please bring 1-2 small jars with lids and an old frame with glass or plexi if possible. 

Additional Information 

Outdoor Workshop: Weather permitting, the workshop will take place outdoors at the Beringia Centre. Please bring clothes appropriate for the weather. 
Cost and Registration: The cost per person is $25, which includes a complimentary annual membership to the Beringia Centre.  
Class Size and Age Recommendation: Limited to 25 participants. All ages are welcome, but it's best suited for older kids, teens, and adults 
Registration Link: https://forms.office.com/r/3akfAvkWuL


About the Artist

Tara Nicholson is a photo-based artist who explores ecological activism through a more-than-human lens. She has exhibited and attended residencies across Canada and internationally while receiving funding from the BC Arts Council and Canada Council. She teaches at the University of Victoria and is currently completing her PhD (UBCO) that documents Arctic extinction and permafrost melt. Tara has led eco-art workshops at the FEELed Lab (Woodhaven, BC), Exeter University (UK) and Gallery 44 (Toronto). 

For more info on Tara and her work, visit her website or check out her Instagram.