Dec 19

Elf - Movie Screening (Day 3)

Visit the Beringia Centre on Saturday December 17th, Sunday December 18th, or Monday December 19th to watch the movie Elf. Screenings start at 2 pm sharp.

Science is all about repetition, so here we go again continuing to demonstrate the Santa/Beringia connection – reindeer.

As you may know, scientists believe that reindeer originated in Beringia. Okay, we usually call them caribou on this side of the land bridge, but they are pretty much the same thing. While Santa’s versions have some cool mutations, they’re still reindeer. However, with noses that light up, and bodies that can fly, they’re really superheroes of the deer world.

Think about the ramifications of all this: without Beringia, there would be no reindeer. And, without his reindeer, Santa would be stuck at the North Pole all the time. Are you seeing the problem yet? Everything collapses. Without his antlered aeronauts, Santa is just another reclusive hoarder without a vehicle.

Come on, admit it, you thought a movie starring James Caan, Zoey Deschanel, and Blitzen had nothing to do with Beringia. Tsk, tsk, everything relates back Beringia!

Regular admission applies.