Mar 31

The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 31 -The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt –Bunny Trails Edition! 

It’s back –our ever popular Easter Egg Hunt –and it promises to be another hopping one!  Recently archaeologists, studying satellite imagery, have discovered what may be the earliest evidence of bunny trails ever found in Yukon, and early analysis suggests that these bunny trails are actually …Easter Bunny trails!   What makes this discovery even more mind-blowing and unbelievable is that these fossil trails seem to converge around the Beringia Centre. Say what?

Maybe this explains why so much chocolate has been appearing at Beringia Centre over the years. It’s obviously a kind of cosmic landing-strip-slash-highway for Easter Bunnies.  Clearly, duh!

12 pm The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt (where all trails lead to chocolate …unless, of course, you’re late).

1 pm Ferdinand (after the hunt, stick around for the Beringian premier of Ferdinand, because, you know, nothing says Easter like a sensitive flower-smelling bull with PR issues…olé).

This event is FREE (come dressed for the weather!)

*Please take note that instead of holding this event on Easter Sunday this year, it will be held on Saturday March 31.  We will be closed Sunday, April 1, but open 12 to 5 on Monday April 2.