Apr 12

The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt has gone VIRTUAL!

It has been a fixture in Whitehorse the last several years, often drawing around 2% of its population, and breaking single-day attendance records almost every year. And, while it may not be the same as jostling with crowds and crawling on the floor, we are happy to announce that The Great Beringia Easter Egg Hunt will still happen ....online that is.

So how does it work ?

Well, "Bunny Lance" has gone into Beringia Centre to hide goodies on certain exhibits and "Chickie Keshah" has taken pictures of them. It is up to you to spot the hidden treats in each picture. Can you come up with the exact number Lance hid? (Hint: when in doubt, zoom in!). Guesses can either be sent on messenger or commented.

On Sunday April 12, the photos will go up from 12-5pm. Those with the correct number will go into a draw for some goodies...

Link to Facebook Event is here