Dec 08

The Great Stocking Experiment

There seemed to be little doubt about it, it was scientifically proven: Santa Claus does not just visit homes, he visits museums too. At least that’s what we thought. For the past several years we have been testing the Santa/Museum hypothesis by decorating stockings, putting them out over Christmas and seeing what happens.

We thought our conclusions were air-tight. I mean, the stockings were clearly empty the day before Christmas and were measurably filled the next day. So, what else could it be, but Santa filled them? However, the peer review process revealed an experimental flaw. “What if”, one scientist critiqued, “it wasn’t Santa at all, but an overly-zealous Beringia employee, or some other non-Santa entity, that snuck into Beringia Centre in the middle of the night and filled the stockings?”

As outrageous and far-fetched as this sounded, we had to admit, our experiment had failed to establish the Santa-connection with any degree of scientific certainty. So now we have to apologize to all our past participants, but we need to do the whole thing over again!

So, we are recruiting new Guinea pigs for our ground-breaking experiment designed to prove that Santa visits museums. If you want to volunteer to be an important part of the process, come December 8th, decorate your stockings, and come back after Christmas to collect them. We won’t reveal all our new experimental controls, but suffice it to say, they include motion-activated cameras, strategically-placed lasers and polygraph tests! Oh, Science, …you got to love it!

Regular admission applies. Event is free with family membership!

Doors will open at 12PM, but the experiment starts at 1PM