Nov 17

Hyena Colouring Challenge

The results are in from our previous “Name the Hyenas” challenge, and the two hyenas on our newest poster have been named.  They shall affectionately be referred to as …. drumroll ….Crocus and Lupin!   Fitting names for blood-thirsty killers, don’t you think?

And it is now it with great excitement that we bring yet another challenge, one that shalt test the creativity, patience and concentration of even Yukon’s best artists.  It is good ole fashioned colouring throw-down, featuring once again, our newest poster!  “Coloureth it as thou wilt”, we say. 

That’s right, the original artist has graciously created for us a colouring sheet version of his famous hyena poster, and we want to see what alternative interpretations and colour schemas our local artists can come up with for it.  After all, nothing cries out for colour more than a couple of hyenas feasting on a mammoth carcass …. lollah (laugh out loud like a hyena).

So on Sunday, November 17, come join us for a three-hour colouring session.  The time starts at 1 pm and your artwork must be submitted by 4 pm to qualify.  We will display your coloured creations in our lobby where the visiting public will have a month to vote for their favorite.   The top choice will receive a stunning coffee-table book that features the prehistoric art of Julius T Csotonvi – the guy who created the hyena poster for us!