Mar 25

March Madness

We’ve gone a bit crazy here in the Beringia Centre and have opened our doors for two straight weeks. From March 9 – March 25 we are open for March Break! But wait, there is more! We aren’t just going to be open, we are going to have some fun activities! It’s going to be about spring, mysteries and, of course, the Ice Age.

So stay tuned here as we keep y’all posted on what is happening in the Centre.

March 12 and 13: Grow your own plants
March 14 and 15: Make your own sun catchers
March 17: Trail of the Leprechauns
March 19 and 20: Animal Bookmarks
March 21 and 21: Back by popular demand - Grow your own plants
March 24: How Plants Defy Gravity