Oct 20

Middle Holocene Mammoth Extinction on St. Paul Island: Causes and Consequences - With Dr. Russell W. Graham

Are you curious about archaeology, natural science, or palaeontology? You’re in luck! Beringia Centre Science Talks (#BCST) are back for a 4th season.

This week we'll be speaking with Dr. Russell W. Graham about his research on mammoth extinction on St. Paul Island in Alaska. Most mammoths in the North American and Eurasian continents were extinct by the end of the Pleistocene (ca. 11,000 years ago). However, two island populations off the coasts of Siberia (Wrangel Island) and Alaska (St. Paul Island) survived into the Middle Holocene.

Join us LIVE on Facebook on Thursday October 20th, 2022 @ 11 am PT to learn how cores from Lake Hill on St. Paul Island provided critical data in determining the timing (ca. 5,600 ± 100 cal. years ago), causes(s) and potential impacts of the mammoth extinction.

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