Jan 19

A New Twist on an Old Favourite

January is “Boost Your Selfie Esteem” month and we have just what the doctor ordered –a rousing game of “Telephone”. Okay, while whispering a message around a circle to see how it changes over time is a riot and a barrel of laughs, it is clearly low-tech. And, while the game has evolved in recent years, it has not kept pace with technology. I mean, with cell phones, digital cameras and other hand-held devises, the game should look a lot different than it does.

Enter Beringia Centre with its new version of Telephone for the modern era – Serial Selfies! This game will have you wondering whose story you are telling and what twists the narrative will take. It’s going to take all your imagination to pull-off. After all, doing yoga with a giant ground-sloth in Hawaii may sound easy, but can you take a selfie of it?

Regular admission applies or free with family membership.