Dec 01

Searching for Seaweed: Life in the Yukon almost 1 Billion Years Ago - With Dr. Katie Maloney

If you visited the Beringia Centre this summer, you might remember the pop-up exhibit we hosted that featured billion (yes, billion) year old seaweed fossils from the Yukon. On Thursday December 1, we're speaking with geobiologist Dr. Katie Maloney about these ancient fossils!

These tiny, centimeter scale plants lived in Yukon almost one billion-years-ago and changed our Earth forever. The rise of eukaryotes (e.g., cells with a nucleus containing DNA) was an evolutionary game changer. Seaweeds create habitats on the seafloor and produce oxygen, setting the stage for early plants and animals. However, seaweed is rarely fossilized since it is so fragile. Learn about Yukon's exciting seaweed fossils, their habitats, and the importance of seaweed in modern oceans.

Join us LIVE on Facebook on Thursday December 1 @ 11 am MST. Click here to go to the Facebook event. Can't watch on Facebook? Email us ( for a link to the Zoom call.