Dec 09

Stocking Decoration - The Great Stocking Experiment

Ever heard of the "replication crisis" in the scientific world? It's a real challenge! At Beringia Centre, we value accuracy over accolades, and we refuse to play fast and loose with our data.

For the past several years, we have been conducting The Great Stocking Experiment - collecting data and testing the hypothesis that Santa fills stockings left out in museums on Christmas Eve. Every year so far the stockings have been filled, which is exactly the kind of positive outcome science journals like to publish. While positive outcomes are great for science journals, we're all about precision.

The procedure for this experiment is simple:

1. Decorate a stocking at the Beringia Centre.
2. Watch a holiday-themed movie after you're done decorating.
3. Leave your stocking at the Beringia Centre to see if Santa fills it with treats.
4. Pick up your stocking after Christmas and check what's inside!

If you're eager to participate in our experiment, swing by the Beringia Centre Saturday December 9, 2023 between 12:30 and 3:30 pm.

Regular admission applies. Free admission with a family pass.

Let's make this holiday season scientifically festive!