Dec 10

Get Santa - Movie Screening (Day 1)

Join us Saturday December 10th or Sunday December 11th at 2pm to watch the movie Get Santa! It's a movie that gets you thinking… is there a Santa/Beringia connection?

What does Santa got to do with Beringia? I mean, those Beringia programmers are really losing it this time. Just because Christmas is around the corner, doesn’t mean they need to get all fairies and sugar cookies, right?

Okay, we’ll admit it, maybe we’re stretching it a bit, but we’ve got evidence to show that there really is a Santa/Beringia connection. Beringian scientists have unearthed several, and I mean, several reindeer bones, including the oldest reindeer bones ever found! I mean, what could be clearer than that? Santa’s got em; we got em. So, get your fill of reindeer this weekend. Not only are we featuring them on the big screen, we’ve decked the halls with reindeer remains –it’s how we celebrate the season …Beringia style!

Regular admission applies.