Mar 16

The Music of Beringia

Imagine this: It's the last Ice Age. You and your family are travelling across a cold grassy landscape following a herd of mammoths. What does that sound like? Although we can't travel back in time to listen in, we do have the next best thing: a musical piece inspired by the story of Beringia. 

Written by local composer Ben Johnston-Urey, "Beringia" is meant to encapsulate a timeless narrative of discovery and loss, celebration and longing, and how our ability to navigate through both shapes the very essence of our humanity. It also provides a musical "window" into this bygone age, complete with the thunderous pulse of passing mammoth herds.

While we're not able to fit an entire orchestra in our theatre so you can hear the entire piece live, Ben, artist Esther Bordet, and an ensemble of musicians from the Problematic Orchestra will bring the story of Beringia to life in a smaller format. Combining art, music, and science, this event is sure to be a good fit for the whole family. 

What to Expect

Concession and craft table open at 12 pm
Main presentation starts in the theatre at 1 pm

Admission to this event is by donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yukon. They will also be operating a concession stand featuring an array of delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. All proceeds will be donated to Big Brother Big Sisters of Yukon.