Nov 24

The Science and Magic of Colour

The colours of fall have faded and the multi-coloured lights of December have yet to come, but poor little, stuck-in-the-middle November needs some colour. And, here at Beringia Centre, we’re all about colour!

So, on Sunday November 24, join our newest science guy, “Chris The Science Guy”, as he demonstrates the science of colour. It’s weirder than you might think? For instance, did you know that if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, it’s not green? Or that colours cannot exist in the dark? Or that humans and animals perceive colour differently? Whoa, hold onto your purple ponies, we’re diving deep on this one!

For all you young scientists out there, here is your chance to dissect some rainbows and colour outside the lines. After all, the best way to learn about colours is to get messy with them, don’t you think?

Demonstration is at 1 PM.