Oct 01

Rock On at Beringia Centre!

October 1 at 2:00 p.m.  Culture Days –Rock On at Beringia Centre!  FREE

Every culture had its stone age.  After all, stones are readily available, and some varieties of stone can be shaped into a wide assortment of tools –with a sharpness that exceeds any steel blade on the planet! 

Ever wondered how someone can turn an amorphous stone into an exquisite arrowhead or knife?  Come for a Sunday afternoon knap at Beringia Centre as *Kim Pasche, an expert in prehistoric living, shows you the basics of this handy survival skill.  Hey, …you never know!

* Kim Pasche is an experiential archaeologist, trapper and stone-age technologist. For years, he has tried to change western views about their hunter-gatherer roots. He believes that clues to overcoming many of our world’s present challenges can found in our distant past.  He lives with his family between the Yukon and Europe.