Danial's journey to Beringia has been anything but ordinary. Moving from the Middle East, to the Far East, to Vancouver, and eventually the Yukon, Danial has travelled around the globe to be here. With a humble spirit and deep curiosity, Danial brings a passion for learning that exemplifies everything we stand for.

While Danial did not come to the Centre through the traditional natural sciences academic route, Danial brings a wealth of direct and immersive knowledge from his time as a nature guide. As a nature guide, Danial has spent time in wild spaces and can speak intimately about his experiences with everything from aspens to auroras. For a man who prefers hanging off cliffs and racing down mountains, it's sometimes hard to imagine Danial working a 9 to 5 desk job. Yet, glimpses of his past life, as a software engineer, poke through. Combine his IT background with his adventure guiding experience, and you get a unique take on Beringia. When you visit, make sure you ask him about his favorite Ice Age animal—the grey wolf!

Favourite Ice Age Animal: Grey Wolf