Favourite Ice Age Animal: Beringian Lion

Jacob is a real archaeologist, who has dug holes across western and northern Canada. Digging holes in order to fill them is what archaeologists do, but as Jacob knows, the work is not all indigo ponies and Indiana Jones. Archaeology is meticulous, backbreaking work. Digging up the tiniest shreds of evidence, just so the world can have a clearer picture of the past, requires conviction and drive …something Jacob has in spades (get it …spades). While many Beringia staff, steeped in academic theory and head knowledge, have scarcely gotten their hands dirty, Jacob is the real deal with both book smarts and field cred. This gives Jacob a unique perspective, one that he is excited to share with visitors.

It goes without say that Jacob enjoys all things science and outdoors. These two passions have clearly merged in his choice of career, but also played a significant role in his decision to move to Whitehorse last spring and even to enroll in the Northern Studies program at Yukon University. One thing is for sure, Jacob is going places, so Beringia Centre is excited to have him onboard!