Favourite Ice Age Animal: Giant short-faced bear

As a born-and-raised Yukoner with a wilderness mentality and an interdisciplinary education, Lance finds Beringia a natural fit for him. 

“It overlaps with so many of my interests and is a never-ending source of awe and discovery,”  Lance gushes. “It’s humbling to realize how this fortuitous strip of northland shaped so much of the natural and social history of our planet–it’s truly significant!”

So, when Lance isn’t out fishing, picking morels or birdwatching, he is wrapping his head around the implications and nuances of Beringia. He is especially interested in how cutting-edge science works to resolve our questions about the ice age and peopling of the Americas.  He also sees Beringia as a natural platform to discuss many of the environmental and social issues facing us today.

Lance is all about showing off… Beringia that is. So look for programs that tell it like it is—for  Lance there is no need to exaggerate or sensationalize, the real story is spectacular enough.

Please contact Lance if you have any questions about the centre’s interpretive programs or if you would like to book a tour.